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Top 10 Blogs on Immigrants' Rights


The United States was founded by a group of well-armed European illegal immigrants, whose descendants maintained racist immigration policies--designed to keep free non-whites out of the country--for nearly two centuries. Now, rational appeals to the rule of law mix freely with rhetoric that speaks of a need to prevent "Balkanization" (or, as we used to call it, ethnic diversity). Will our leaders pander to nativists, or choose a more humane course of action?

1. ImmigrationProf

Maintained by three immigration law professors at the University of California--Davis, ImmigrationProf covers both the basics and the esoterica of the immigration debate in a friendly, engaging, and sometimes surprisingly witty way. Come for the expertise; stay for the multiple daily updates.

2. Vivir Latino

The United States is experiencing record-breaking legal immigration from Latin American countries, and the overwhelming majority of undocumented immigrants are Mexican-American. So it stands to reason that much of the best data on immigrants' rights issues can be found on Latino blogs--and Vivir Latino deals with these controversies with a sense of humor and an enviably level-headed pragmatism.

3. BlueLatinos

While Vivir Latino is witty, multidisciplinary, and cerebral, BlueLatinos.org--a registered nonprofit--focuses on nuts-and-bolts activism and grassroots organizing with deadly pinpoint accuracy. Read Vivir Latinos for your head, then read BlueLatinos for your feet.

4. Working Immigrants

What is Working Immigrants' agenda? Does it have one? The most remarkable thing about this blog is its scholarly objectivity--you are provided with an unending supply of unbeatably relevant information and analysis on issues affecting immigrant workers, but no rants and very little discernible opinion at all. It is a blog about the truth; little more, and nothing less.

5. Immigrants in USA

Maintained by Donna Poisi, author of How to Live and Thrive in the United States / Como Vivir y Prosperar en Estados Unidos (2004), this site maintains general, practical information of relevance to all immigrants--documented and undocumented, from all nations. Although Poisi is unabashedly pro-immigrant, visitors who want a break from the immigration reform debate may find it in Poisi's far-reaching coverage.

6. Advocating for Immigrants' Rights

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker social justice organization, is (among other things) one of the nation's leading advocacy groups for the rights of all immigrants. Like the Quaker tradition as a whole, it speaks with a conviction that transcends all ephemeral partisanship with a dignified honesty that can never become irrelevant.

7. Latino Pundit

Latino Pundit is essentially a clever politics blog, touching on immigration issues less often than Vivir Latino and BlueLatinos--but certainly often enough to justify bookmarking. Besides, you'll probably find yourself drawn in by the Pundit's engaging coverage of other political and cultural issues.

8. Orcinus

Orcinus began as a general-issues liberal blog--albeit an unusually thoughtful one--but over the past year, it has focused on immigrants' rights issue in a remarkable way. Reading this blog will expose you to philosophical challenges to the anti-immigrant position that you'll probably never see anywhere else.

9. U.S. Immigration Law

Immigration lawyer Ashwin Sharma aggregates the latest news on immigration issues, throws in some thoughtful and contagiously calm and well-reasoned analysis, and puts it all on a web site for the world to access.

10. HispanicTips

With over 10,000 articles linked, HispanicTips is the most active online Latino news aggregator anywhere. Most recent posts have dealt with immigration reform issues in some way.
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