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When an unconstitutional bill passes Congress and is signed by the president, or when it is passed by a state legislature and signed by the governor, the Supreme Court is the last line of defense against its enforcement.

The nine justices who make up the Roberts Court--the Supreme Court under the tenure of newly-minted Chief Justice John Roberts--are far more diverse, and far more fascinating, than conventional wisdom might suggest.

Meet your Supreme Court. Their job is to protect our rights. When they do, we owe them our gratitude for a job well done. When they don't, our very existence as a liberal democracy is threatened.
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Chief Justice John RobertsChief Justice John RobertsAssociate Justice Samuel AlitoAssociate Justice Samuel AlitoStephen BreyerAssociate Justice Stephen BreyerAssociate Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgAssociate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Associate Justice Anthony KennedyAssociate Justice Anthony KennedyAssociate Justice Antonin ScaliaAssociate Justice Antonin ScaliaAssociate Justice David SouterAssociate Justice David SouterAssociate Justice John Paul StevensAssociate Justice John Paul Stevens
Associate Justice Clarence ThomasAssociate Justice Clarence Thomas
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