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Top 10 Civil Liberties News Sources


Below you'll find the ten civil liberties news sources that I use most often, and believe you'll probably find most useful. When read together, they do an excellent job of surveying the wacky world of civil liberties journalism.

1) The ACLU Newsroom

Go right to the source and ask the horse, as the song goes. There is no single organization that does more to protect your civil liberties than the ACLU, and there is no single news site that does a more comprehensive job of covering American civil liberties than the ACLU Newsroom. If you check this page every day or two, you'll be well versed on the latest controversies.

2) OneWorld.net

I could link to a host of different news sites on international human rights issues, such as the news pages of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, but why should I when OneWorld.net aggregates news stories from those sites--and more than 1,600 others--to give us the most comprehensive human rights page available anywhere?

3) Women's eNews

I had trouble deciding between this page and Feminist.com's news page, which is a less comprehensive news service but a better web portal, so consider this a recommendation to read and bookmark them both. That said: If you only check one women's rights page today, make it Women's eNews. And be sure to subscribe to the free newsletter, too.

4) AlterNet: Rights and Liberties

AlterNet may be the voice of the passionate libertarian left, with more op-eds than feature articles, but it also covers important issues that the mainstream press ignores. For more alternative journalism, be sure to check out AltWeeklies.com, too, which has no distinctive civil liberties category but features in-depth reporting--much of it on civil liberties issues--aggregated from over 120 alternative newsweeklies.

5) First Amendment Center News

If you're interest in the latest news on free speech and church-state issues, this is the site for you. For a more focused look at religious freedom issues, be sure to check out the homepage of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty, too. And for regular updates on Internet free speech, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is still unparalleled.

6) Southern Poverty Law Center: The Intelligence Report

The SPLC's Intelligence Report, published quarterly, provides amazing in-depth profiles of hate groups, racism, and antiracism initiatives. But for more day-to-day news on race issues, be sure to watch the news pages of the NAACP, National Council of La Raza, Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Anti-Defamation League.

7) Advocate.com: The Award-Winning LGBT News Site

Advocate.com is the best LGBT rights news site on the web, bar none, but the Gay News Blog is the best gay rights news aggregator, with over 10,000 mainstream news articles on LGBT issues--and multiple updates every single day. Be sure to check out 365Gay.com, too, as well as the Human Rights Campaign's video news report on gay rights issues.

8) Law.com's U.S. Supreme Court Monitor

Want to keep tabs on the original (Wo/)Men in Black? Law.com offers the best Supreme Court coverage on the net--but Jurist's Paper Chase is also well worth reading, especially if you'd like to stay up to date on relevant international issues as well. And the official U.S. Supreme Court web site is quite useful for the latest opinions and court docket data.

9) Other Civil Liberties Organizations

If you're interested in gun rights issues, the NRA has its own news service, radio network, and TV reports. The Drug Policy Alliance's news page is the place to be for up-to-the-minute data on the drug policy debate. And for the latest on privacy issues, check out privacy.org and the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

10) Mainstream News Sources

Google News is the largest and best news aggregator anywhere. Of all the U.S. 24-hour news networks, MSNBC probably has the best civil liberties coverage. Likewise, the Washington Post--the paper that broke Watergate--is probably still the best place to visit for mainstream press civil liberties coverage. But for a more international perspective on U.S. and global civil liberties, you can't go wrong with The Guardian (UK).
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