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Civil Liberties Basics

An introduction to civil liberties, suitable for beginners and experts alike. Explains the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other relevant documents.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions (10)

Where do we get our rights?
The basis of human rights can be traced to religious and secular philosophical traditions, but both present problems.

Defining Civil Liberties
What are civil liberties?

Pro Bono
Definition of the Latin legal term pro bono.

Books on Civil Liberties
Ten recent books on civil liberties issues, reviewed by Atheism and Agnosticism Guide Austin Cline.

Reasons to Oppose Civil Liberties
A list of the top 10 reasons why we are tempted to give up our civil liberties.

What Kind of Libertarian Are You?
Looking for information on different types of libertarianism, including anarcho-capitalism, classical liberalism, fiscal libertarianism, geolibertarianism, left-libertarianism, libertarian socialism, minarchism, neolibertarianism, Objectivism, and paleolibertarianism? You've come to the right place!

Constitutional Interpretation - Introduction to Terms
About.com Conservative Politics Guide Amy Hess provides an introduction to the four most prominent schools of constitutional interpretation.

Civil Liberties Organizations - Groups Protecting Human Rights
Ten organizations that focus on civil rights and civil liberties issues.

The Bill of Rights - Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights, as we call the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, is the centerpiece of the civil liberties debate in the United States.

Civil Liberties 101 - Frequently Asked Questions About Your Rights
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about civil rights and civil liberties. Part one addresses the meaning of the term "civil liberties," why civil liberties are important, and why even people who don't stand to get arrested anytime soon should care about them.

Urban Legends About Civil Liberties
Looking for urban legends about civil liberties, including Madalyn Murray O'Hair and the FCC, black voting rights expire in 2007, ACLU against crosses on federal property and Marines praying, draft reinstatement, 47 years in prison for public Bible reading, Janet Reno defines Christians as cultists, shamrocks banned in Boston, adultery trial of Amina Lawal, and the EPA using poor children as guinea pigs for a pesticide trial?

Why Laws Exist
A description of the five major reasons why laws exist.

Civil Liberties News Sources
Looking for news sources and news aggregators on civil liberties issues? Click here for the ACLU Newsroom, Oneworld.net, Women's eNews, and more, including news sources on women's rights, lesbian and gay rights, gun control and the Second Amendment, privacy rights, the war on terror, the war on drugs and drug policy, and more.

Why is the Bill of Rights important?
The importance of the Bill of Rights isn't as obvious as it might first appear.

What is the Bill of Rights?
What is the Bill of Rights? Find out here.

Why Do People Need Government?
Why do people need government, and why is government important? Tom Head explains.

The definition of totalitarianism.

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