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Civil Liberties Activism and Advocacy

Civil liberties activism and advocacy tips, with resources on groups that do civil liberties work.
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10 Reasons to Vote for Obama over Romney
Seven reasons to vote for Barack Obama rather than Mitt Romney.

10 Civil Liberties Issues to Watch in 2010
December 3, 2009

Early indications suggest that 2010 will be an important year for civil liberties, which is no great surprise; every year is an important year for civil liberties. Here are 10 issues to watch over the coming months.

How to Become a Civil Liberties Activist - Get Active!
If you're interested in doing more to defend American civil liberties, such as sign petitions, join civil liberties organizations, and volunteer, here are some suggestions.

How to Make a Fool Out of Yourself at a Protest Event
Five easy ways to make a fool out of yourself at a protest event.

Why Protest Events Are Not a Waste of Time
Five reasons why protest events aren't a waste of time.

Definition of the term "plutocracy."

How to Argue Ineffectively
How to argue your point ineffectively and lose every time.

The Democratic Party on Civil Liberties
An overview of the Democratic Party and where it stands on civil liberties issues.

What is Community Organizing?
Community organizing is often criticized but seldom understood.

Presidential Power
Quotes about the presidency and civil liberties.

How to Be an Ally
People often ask me how to be a good ally. Here's my response.

ACLU Timeline
Timeline of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Occupy Wall Street
Timeline history of Occupy Wall Street.

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