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Unitary Executive Theory and the Imperial Presidency - Civil Liberties
A profile of the concept of the imperial presidency and the unitary executive theory.
President Clinton's Legacy and the Unitary Executive Theory
President Clinton set the precedents for President Bush's abuses of executive power. Once someone wins the 2008 presidential election, does that mean we'll  ...
The Gloomy Legacy of the Clinton Administration - Civil Liberties
Everyone likes to talk about the Bush administration's executive power grab under the auspices of the unitary executive theory, but not too many people ...
Presidential Bill Signing Statements - Purposes and Legality
In his article Imperial Presidency 101-the Unitary Executive Theory, Civil Liberties Guide Tom Head refers to presidential signing statements as being documents ...
Signing Statement - Unitary Executive - Guide to Political ...
A signing statement is an addendum issued by the President that accompanies the signing of a law. Those that deal with how the executive branch plans to ...
Landmark Speech by Al Gore on US Constitutional Crisis Created ...
This failure is due in part to the fact that the Executive Branch has followed a determined ... This legal theory, which its proponents call the theory of the unitary  ...
Issues and Views - Civil Liberties Issues and Views
The federal government is made up of the executive branch (led by the ... Bill Clinton's Legacy and the Unitary Executive Theory · Torture and Executive Power  ...
10 Things George W. Bush Did Right on Civil Liberties
The top four positions in the executive branch are those of the president, the ... The Imperial Presidency and the Unitary Executive Theory · President Bush on ...
Learning About The Presidency - US Politics - About.com
The President leads the executive branch of the federal government; thus the role ... To Presidential Election Results, 2004-2008 · The Unitary Executive Theory.
War on Terror - PATRIOT Act - Spygate - Guantanamo Bay - Bush ...
... Bush's spygate NSA surveillance program, the PATRIOT Act, Guantanamo Bay , John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, torture warrants, or unitary executive theory?
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