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What Is Gender? (Psychology Dictionary Definition)
Gender is a person's sexual identity, regardless of the person's biological and outward sex...
German Gender Quiz 2 | der die das | Test your German
A self-scoring quiz on noun gender in German - Quiz 2.
German Noun Suffixes and Gender - German Language - About.com
A look at German noun endings and the exceptions to the gender rules for many noun suffixes.
Gender of Nouns in Spanish — Spanish Grammar for Beginners
In Spanish, nouns can be classified into two categories, masculine and feminine. This lesson explains the concept of grammatical gender and gives examples of ...
Gender of Countries - Countries in German - German Language
German is similar to English when it comes to gender of countries and conversing about them. Follow these guidelines: Gender of Countries Generally speaking ...
Gender - Genre - French Grammar + Pronunciation Glossary
Gender indicates whether parts of speech are masculine (masculin) or feminine ( féminin). All French nouns have a gender, and all adjectives and articles that ...
French Gender and Number - Lessons on ... - French Language
Gender and number have important roles to play in French grammar, as many adjectives, articles, nouns, pronouns, and verbs have different forms based on ...
Gender - Latin and English Differences - Ancient/Classical History
One of the differences between Latin and English and one of the challenges facing English-speaking students of Latin is understanding gender in language.
German Gender Hints - Noun Gender - DAS
Gender hints for German neuter nouns. Getting der, die and das right.
German Gender Hints - DIE
Gender hints for German feminine nouns. Getting der, die and das right.
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