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Ben Garrett

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Ben Garrett is an award-winning journalist, newspaper editor and blogger. He is a frequent reporter on guns rights issues.


Garrett has spent the past six years as editor of the Independent Herald newspaper in Tennessee, where he has won two Edward J. Meeman awards for editorial writing from the Tennessee Press Association and University of Tennessee. He has also collected accolades as a reporter and columnist. Former publisher of TennHunt.com on the Rivals sports network, an Internet magazine focusing on hunting and shooting in Tennessee, Garrett has also contributed to several outdoors and shooting magazines as a freelance writer, including the Tennessee Valley Outdoors magazine, American Hunter online, and Bass Pro's Outdoor Site. Garrett is a member of the National Rifle Association.

By Ben Garrett:

As a lifelong hunter and hunting advocate, I have shot, handled and admired many different types of firearms. As a homeowner, husband and father, I've used other types of firearms for home defense. As a competition shooter, I've used still other types of firearms at the range and at skeet shoots. These guns range from the light .17 caliber rifle to the powerful .300 ultra magnum to the "military-style" AR-15. From .22 handguns to .357 magnum revolvers. But one thing they all have in common is that there are as many people passionate about their prohibition as there are people passionate about their unrestricted ownership. From the National Rifle Association to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, from the Gun Owners of America to the Million Moms, let's explore America's great debate over the Second Amendment together.

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